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Eye Surgery for Woodbridge, VA

The Eye MD has provided high-quality eye surgery in the Woodbridge, VA, area for years. Our eye surgeon is board-certified and is highly educated. We treat every patient individually to ensure a good patient-doctor relationship between you and us. This helps us make you feel comfortable in our office so that you’ll be relaxed and ready to go for your procedure.

A picture of an eye that will need eye surgery in Woodbridge, VA


Learn About the Cataract Procedure

We want to ensure that you understand what happens with your cataract eye surgery before it starts. Our eye surgeon will begin by making sure that your eye is clean and dilated. We’ll then administer a topical anesthetic before making a small incision. Our surgeon will then put in an ultrasonic device that eliminates the hard, yellow proteins that make the cataract and remove the remains.

Once we remove the cataract, our surgeon will insert a folded intraocular lens. This lens replaces your natural lens and remains in place after the surgery. This lens gives you clear vision while feeling and acting like your natural lens. The small incision self-seals after the procedure finishes. Because the Eye MD use a suture-less surgery option, you can often return to your normal activities after 48 hours.


Use a Surgeon You Can Trust

Over 1.5 million patients have their cataracts removed every year in the United States. This makes cataract removal one of the most common procedures around. It has a high success rate and is very safe and effective. At the Eye MD, our patients often see clearly very soon after the surgery. We now offer premium intraocular lenses (IOLs) that can eliminate your dependence on contacts or glasses.

At the Eye MD, we are upfront about the procedure and are happy to answer any questions you have before we begin. If you’d like eye surgery from our office in Woodbridge, VA, then book an appointment online or call us at (571)-285-2020 to begin. 

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